Improving K-12 School Buildings Without Upfront Costs or Tax Increases

Energy has become an enormous expense for K-12 schools in the United States. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, schools spend an estimated cumulative cost of $8 billion a year on energy and other utilities. Coupled with the fact that the cost of energy continues to rise, many schools are facing a difficult burden to overcome. While innovation and technology are at the forefront of education principles, many schools are tasked with determining what to do about increased energy costs and aging infrastructures. With dwindling capital and tight budgets, schools are often faced with choosing between funding for facility upgrades or educational advancements. ABM’s Bundled Energy Solutions (BES) program includes funding strategies that eliminate financial burdens often associated with facility enhancements. The program enables schools to complete critical infrastructure upgrades through a reallocation of current and future operating budgets, with no increase on taxpayer burden or decrease in educational program funding. Through the BES program, not only do schools no longer have to choose between upgrading facilities or educational enhancements, but many even utilize the energy savings to fund new educational programs, further enhancing the learning environment for students. Learn more at